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Passivity preserving model reduction via spectral factorization

by   Tobias Breiten, et al.

We present a novel model-order reduction (MOR) method for linear time-invariant systems that preserves passivity and is thus suited for structure-preserving MOR for port-Hamiltonian (pH) systems. Our algorithm exploits the well-known spectral factorization of the Popov function by a solution of the Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov (KYP) inequality. It performs MOR directly on the spectral factor inheriting the original system's sparsity enabling MOR in a large-scale context. Our analysis reveals that the spectral factorization corresponding to the minimal solution of an associated algebraic Riccati equation is preferable from a model reduction perspective and benefits pH-preserving MOR methods such as a modified version of the iterative rational Krylov algorithm (IRKA). Numerical examples demonstrate that our approach can produce high-fidelity reduced-order models close to (unstructured) ℋ_2-optimal reduced-order models.


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