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Partition-Based Convex Relaxations for Certifying the Robustness of ReLU Neural Networks

by   Brendon G. Anderson, et al.

In this paper, we study certifying the robustness of ReLU neural networks against adversarial input perturbations. To diminish the relaxation error suffered by the popular linear programming (LP) and semidefinite programming (SDP) certification methods, we propose partitioning the input uncertainty set and solving the relaxations on each part separately. We show that this approach reduces relaxation error, and that the error is eliminated entirely upon performing an LP relaxation with an intelligently designed partition. To scale this approach to large networks, we consider courser partitions that take the same form as this motivating partition. We prove that computing such a partition that directly minimizes the LP relaxation error is NP-hard. By instead minimizing the worst-case LP relaxation error, we develop a computationally tractable scheme with a closed-form optimal two-part partition. We extend the analysis to the SDP, where the feasible set geometry is exploited to design a two-part partition that minimizes the worst-case SDP relaxation error. Experiments on IRIS classifiers demonstrate significant reduction in relaxation error, offering certificates that are otherwise void without partitioning. By independently increasing the input size and the number of layers, we empirically illustrate under which regimes the partitioned LP and SDP are best applied.


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