PaRK-Detect: Towards Efficient Multi-Task Satellite Imagery Road Extraction via Patch-Wise Keypoints Detection

by   Shenwei Xie, et al.

Automatically extracting roads from satellite imagery is a fundamental yet challenging computer vision task in the field of remote sensing. Pixel-wise semantic segmentation-based approaches and graph-based approaches are two prevailing schemes. However, prior works show the imperfections that semantic segmentation-based approaches yield road graphs with low connectivity, while graph-based methods with iterative exploring paradigms and smaller receptive fields focus more on local information and are also time-consuming. In this paper, we propose a new scheme for multi-task satellite imagery road extraction, Patch-wise Road Keypoints Detection (PaRK-Detect). Building on top of D-LinkNet architecture and adopting the structure of keypoint detection, our framework predicts the position of patch-wise road keypoints and the adjacent relationships between them to construct road graphs in a single pass. Meanwhile, the multi-task framework also performs pixel-wise semantic segmentation and generates road segmentation masks. We evaluate our approach against the existing state-of-the-art methods on DeepGlobe, Massachusetts Roads, and RoadTracer datasets and achieve competitive or better results. We also demonstrate a considerable outperformance in terms of inference speed.


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