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Parallel Skeletonization for Integral Equations in Evolving Multiply-Connected Domains

by   John Paul Ryan, et al.
cornell university

This paper presents a general method for applying hierarchical matrix skeletonization factorizations to the numerical solution of boundary integral equations with possibly rank-deficient integral operators. Rank-deficient operators arise in boundary integral approaches to elliptic partial differential equations with multiple boundary components, such as in the case of multiple vesicles in a viscous fluid flow. Our generalized skeletonization factorization retains the locality property afforded by the "proxy point method", and allows for a parallelized implementation where different processors work on different parts of the boundary simultaneously. Further, when the boundary undergoes local geometric perturbations (such as movement of an interior hole), the solution can be recomputed in logarithmic time with respect to the number of discretization nodes. We present an application that leverages a parallel implementation of skeletonization with updates in a shape optimization regime.


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