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Parallax Effect Free Mosaicing of Underwater Video Sequence Based on Texture Features

by   Nagaraja S., et al.

In this paper, we present feature-based technique for construction of mosaic image from underwater video sequence, which suffers from parallax distortion due to propagation properties of light in the underwater environment. The most of the available mosaic tools and underwater image mosaicing techniques yields final result with some artifacts such as blurring, ghosting and seam due to presence of parallax in the input images. The removal of parallax from input images may not reduce its effects instead it must be corrected in successive steps of mosaicing. Thus, our approach minimizes the parallax effects by adopting an efficient local alignment technique after global registration. We extract texture features using Centre Symmetric Local Binary Pattern (CS-LBP) descriptor in order to find feature correspondences, which are used further for estimation of homography through RANSAC. In order to increase the accuracy of global registration, we perform preprocessing such as colour alignment between two selected frames based on colour distribution adjustment. Because of existence of 100 frames with minimum overlap based on mutual offset in order to reduce the computation cost during mosaicing. Our approach minimizes the parallax effects considerably in final mosaic constructed using our own underwater video sequences.


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