Panchromatic Sharpening of Remote Sensing Images Using a Multi-scale Approach

07/24/2018 ∙ by Hamid Reza Shahdoosti, et al. ∙ 2

An ideal fusion method preserves the Spectral information in fused image and adds spatial information to it with no spectral distortion. Recently wavelet kalman filter method is proposed which uses ARSIS concept to fuses MS and PAN images. This method is applied in a multiscale version, i.e. the variable index is scale instead of time. With the aim of fusion we present a more detailed study on this model and discuss about rationality of its assumptions such as first order markov model and Gaussian distribution of the posterior density. Finally, we propose a method using wavelet Kalman Particle filter to improve the spectral and spatial quality of the fused image. We show that our model is more consistent with natural MS and PAN images. Visual and statistical analyzes show that the proposed algorithm clearly improves the fusion quality in terms of: correlation coefficient, ERGAS, UIQI, and Q4; compared to other methods including IHS, HMP, PCA, A`trous, udWI, udWPC, Adaptive IHS, Improved Adaptive PCA and wavelet kalman filter.



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