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PAC-Bayesian Based Adaptation for Regularized Learning

by   Prem Talwai, et al.

In this paper, we propose a PAC-Bayesian a posteriori parameter selection scheme for adaptive regularized regression in Hilbert scales under general, unknown source conditions. We demonstrate that our approach is adaptive to misspecification, and achieves the optimal learning rate under subgaussian noise. Unlike existing parameter selection schemes, the computational complexity of our approach is independent of sample size. We derive minimax adaptive rates for a new, broad class of Tikhonov-regularized learning problems under general, misspecified source conditions, that notably do not require any conventional a priori assumptions on kernel eigendecay. Using the theory of interpolation, we demonstrate that the spectrum of the Mercer operator can be inferred in the presence of "tight" L^∞ embeddings of suitable Hilbert scales. Finally, we prove, that under a Δ_2 condition on the smoothness index functions, our PAC-Bayesian scheme can indeed achieve minimax rates. We discuss applications of our approach to statistical inverse problems and oracle-efficient contextual bandit algorithms.


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