Overview of Annotation Creation: Processes & Tools

by   Mark A. Finlayson, et al.

Creating linguistic annotations requires more than just a reliable annotation scheme. Annotation can be a complex endeavour potentially involving many people, stages, and tools. This chapter outlines the process of creating end-to-end linguistic annotations, identifying specific tasks that researchers often perform. Because tool support is so central to achieving high quality, reusable annotations with low cost, the focus is on identifying capabilities that are necessary or useful for annotation tools, as well as common problems these tools present that reduce their utility. Although examples of specific tools are provided in many cases, this chapter concentrates more on abstract capabilities and problems because new tools appear continuously, while old tools disappear into disuse or disrepair. The two core capabilities tools must have are support for the chosen annotation scheme and the ability to work on the language under study. Additional capabilities are organized into three categories: those that are widely provided; those that often useful but found in only a few tools; and those that have as yet little or no available tool support.


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