Orthogonal Features Based EEG Signals Denoising Using Fractional and Compressed One-Dimensional CNN AutoEncoder

by   Subham Nagar, et al.

This paper presents a fractional one-dimensional convolutional neural network (CNN) autoencoder for denoising the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals which often get contaminated with noise during the recording process, mostly due to muscle artifacts (MA), introduced by the movement of muscles. The existing EEG denoising methods make use of decomposition, thresholding and filtering techniques. In the proposed approach, EEG signals are first transformed to orthogonal domain using Tchebichef moments before feeding to the proposed architecture. A new hyper-parameter (α) is introduced which refers to the fractional order with respect to which gradients are calculated during back-propagation. It is observed that by tuning α, the quality of the restored signal improves significantly. Motivated by the high usage of portable low energy devices which make use of compressed deep learning architectures, the trainable parameters of the proposed architecture are compressed using randomized singular value decomposition (RSVD) algorithm. The experiments are performed on the standard EEG datasets, namely, Mendeley and Bonn. The study shows that the proposed fractional and compressed architecture performs better than existing state-of-the-art signal denoising methods.


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