Oriented Spanners

by   Kevin Buchin, et al.

Given a point set P in the Euclidean plane and a parameter t, we define an oriented t-spanner as an oriented subgraph of the complete bi-directed graph such that for every pair of points, the shortest cycle in G through those points is at most a factor t longer than the shortest oriented cycle in the complete bi-directed graph. We investigate the problem of computing sparse graphs with small oriented dilation. As we can show that minimising oriented dilation for a given number of edges is NP-hard in the plane, we first consider one-dimensional point sets. While obtaining a 1-spanner in this setting is straightforward, already for five points such a spanner has no plane embedding with the leftmost and rightmost point on the outer face. This leads to restricting to oriented graphs with a one-page book embedding on the one-dimensional point set. For this case we present a dynamic program to compute the graph of minimum oriented dilation that runs in O(n^8) time for n points, and a greedy algorithm that computes a 5-spanner in O(nlog n) time. Expanding these results finally gives us a result for two-dimensional point sets: we prove that for convex point sets the greedy triangulation results in an oriented O(1)-spanner.


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