Oriented bounding boxes using multiresolution contours for fast interference detection of arbitrary geometry objects

by   L. A. Rivera, et al.

Interference detection of arbitrary geometric objects is not a trivial task due to the heavy computational load imposed by implementation issues. The hierarchically structured bounding boxes help us to quickly isolate the contour of segments in interference. In this paper, a new approach is introduced to treat the interference detection problem involving the representation of arbitrary shaped objects. Our proposed method relies upon searching for the best possible way to represent contours by means of hierarchically structured rectangular oriented bounding boxes. This technique handles 2D objects boundaries defined by closed B-spline curves with roughness details. Each oriented box is adapted and fitted to the segments of the contour using second order statistical indicators from some elements of the segments of the object contour in a multiresolution framework. Our method is efficient and robust when it comes to 2D animations in real time. It can deal with smooth curves and polygonal approximations as well results are present to illustrate the performance of the new method.



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