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ORCA: Enabling an Owner-centric and Data-driven Management Paradigm for Future Heterogeneous Edge-IoT Systems

by   Jianli Pan, et al.

Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing for "Edge-IoT" systems, converged with machine intelligence, has the potentials of enabling a wide range of applications in smart homes, factories and cities. Edge-IoT can connect many diverse devices and the IoT asset owners can run heterogeneous IoT systems supported by various vendors or service providers (SPs), using either cloud or local edge computing (or both) for resource assistance. The existing methods typically manage the systems as separate vertical "silos", or in a vendor/SP-centric way, which suffers from significant challenges. In this paper, we present a novel owner-centric management paradigm named "ORCA" to address the gaps left by the owner-centric paradigm and empower the IoT assets owners to effectively identify and mitigate potential issues in their own network premises, regardless the vendors/SPs' situations. ORCA aims to be scalable and extensible in assisting IoT owners to perform intelligent management through a behavior-oriented and data-driven approach. ORCA is an ongoing project and the preliminary results indicate that it can significantly empower the IoT systems owners to better manage their IoT assets.


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