OptSmart: A Space Efficient Optimistic Concurrent Execution of Smart Contracts

by   Parwat Singh Anjana, et al.

Popular blockchains such as Ethereum and several others execute complex transactions in blocks through user-defined scripts known as smart contracts. Serial execution of smart contract transactions/atomic-units (AUs) fails to harness the multiprocessing power offered by the prevalence of multi-core processors. By adding concurrency to the execution of AUs, we can achieve better efficiency and higher throughput. In this paper, we develop a concurrent miner that proposes a block by executing the AUs concurrently using optimistic Software Transactional Memory systems (STMs). It captures the independent AUs in a concurrent bin and dependent AUs in the block graph (BG) efficiently. Later, we propose a concurrent validator that re-executes the same AUs concurrently and deterministically using a concurrent bin followed by a BG given by the miner to verify the proposed block. We rigorously prove the correctness of concurrent execution of AUs and achieve significant performance gain over the state-of-the-art.


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