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Optimizing electrode positions for 2D Electrical Impedance Tomography sensors using deep learning

by   Danny Smyl, et al.

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a powerful tool for non-destructive evaluation, state estimation, process tomography, and much more. For these applications, and in order to reliably reconstruct images of a given process using EIT, we must obtain high-quality voltage measurements from the EIT sensor (or structure) of interest. Inasmuch, it is no surprise that the locations of electrodes used for measuring plays a key role in this task. Yet, to date, methods for optimally placing electrodes either require knowledge on the EIT target (which is, in practice, never fully known), are computationally difficult to implement numerically, or require electrode segmentation. In this paper, we circumvent these challenges and present a straightforward deep learning based approach for optimizing electrodes positions. It is found that the optimized electrode positions outperformed "standard" uniformly-distributed electrode layouts in all test cases using a metric independent from the optimization parameters.


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