Optimized leaders strategies for crowd evacuation in unknown environments with multiple exits

by   Giacomo Albi, et al.

In this chapter, we discuss the mathematical modeling of egressing pedestrians in an unknown environment with multiple exits. We investigate different control problems to enhance the evacuation time of a crowd of agents, by few informed individuals, named leaders. Leaders are not recognizable as such and consist of two groups: a set of unaware leaders moving selfishly toward a fixed target, whereas the rest is coordinated to improve the evacuation time introducing different performance measures. Follower-leader dynamics is initially described microscopically by an agent-based model, subsequently a mean-field type model is introduced to approximate the large crowd of followers. The mesoscopic scale is efficiently solved by a class of numerical schemes based on direct simulation Monte-Carlo methods. Optimization of leader strategies is performed by a modified compass search method in the spirit of metaheuristic approaches. Finally, several virtual experiments are studied for various control settings and environments.



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