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Optimized Deployment of Network Function for Resource Pooling Switch

by   Fei Hu, et al.

The disadvantages of the combination of traditional switches and middleboxes have being exposed under the condition of increasingly various network function demands,such as function flexibility, performance scalability and resource utilization. To solve this problem, we design Resource Pooling Switch Architecture (RPSA), which separates some non-essential functions from line card and allocate them in Network Function Pool (NFP) to provide flexible services for data plane in the form of Service Function Chains (SFC). As the performance of the whole system could be decided by whether function deployment is reasonable or not, we purpose heuristic algorithm called Modified Fiduccia-Mattheyses based Two Phase Algorithm (MFMTP) to optimize the deployment of functions. The simulation results show that this algorithm performs well in throughput and convergence.


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