Optimizations for Hardware-in-the-Loop-Based V2X Validation Platforms

by   Babak Mafakheri, et al.

Connectivity and automation are increasingly getting importance in the automotive industry, which is observing a radical change from vehicles driven by humans to fully automated and remotely controlled ones. The test and validation of all the related devices and applications is thus becoming a crucial aspect; this is raising the interest on hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) platforms which reduce the need for complicated field trials, thus limiting the costs and delay added to the process. With reference to the test and validation of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications aspects, and assuming either sidelink LTE/5GV2X or IEEE 802.11p/bd technologies, in this work we focus on the real-time HiL simulation of the information exchanged by one vehicle under test and the surrounding, simulated, objects. Such exchange must be reproduced in a time-efficient manner, with elaborations done fast enough to allow testing the applications in real-time. More precisely, we discuss the simulation of nonideal positioning and channel propagation taking into account current impairments. We also provide details on optimization solutions that allowed us to trade-off minor loss in accuracy with a significant reduction of the computation time burden, reaching up to more than one order of magnitude speed increase in our experiments.


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