Optimization of mixing strategy in microalgal raceway ponds

by   Olivier Bernard, et al.

This paper focuses on mixing strategies to enhance the growth rate in an algal raceway system. A mixing device, such as a paddle wheel, is considered to control the rearrangement of the depth of the algae cultures hence the light perceived at each lap. The dynamics of the photosystems after a rearrangement is accounted for by the Han model. Our approach consists in considering permanent regimes where the strategy is parametrized by a permutation matrix which modifies the order of the layers at the beginning of each lap. It is proven that the dynamics of the photosystems is then periodic, with a period corresponding to one lap of the raceway whatever the order of the considered permutation matrix is. An objective function related to the average growth rate over one lap is then introduced. Since N ! permutations (N being the number of considered layers) need to be tested in the general case, it can be numerically solved only for a limited number of layers. Consequently, we propose a second optimization problem associated with a suboptimal solution of the initial problem, which can be determined explicitly. A sufficient condition to characterize cases where the two problems have the same solution is given. Some numerical experiments are performed to assess the benefit of optimal strategies in various settings.



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