Optimal Weighted Load Balancing in TCAMs

by   Yaniv Sadeh, et al.

Traffic splitting is a required functionality in networks, for example for load balancing over multiple paths or among different servers. The capacities of the servers determine the partition by which traffic should be split. A recent approach implements traffic splitting within the ternary content addressable memory (TCAM), which is often available in switches. It is important to reduce the amount of memory allocated for this task since TCAMs are power consuming and are often also required for other tasks such as classification and routing. Previous work showed how to compute the smallest prefix-matching TCAM necessary to implement a given partition exactly. In this paper we solve the more practical case, where at most n prefix-matching TCAM rules are available, restricting the ability to implement exactly the desired partition. We give simple and efficient algorithms to find n rules that generate a partition closest in L_∞ to the desired one. We do the same for a one-sided version of L_∞ which equals to the maximum overload on a server and for a relative version of it. We use our algorithms to evaluate how the expected error changes as a function of the number of rules, the number of servers, and the width of the TCAM.


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