Optimal Transmit Beamforming for Secrecy Integrated Sensing and Communication

by   Zixiang Ren, et al.

This paper studies a secrecy integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) system, in which a multi-antenna base station (BS) aims to send confidential messages to a single-antenna communication user (CU), and at the same time sense several targets that may be suspicious eavesdroppers. To ensure the sensing quality while preventing the eavesdropping, we consider that the BS sends dedicated sensing signals (in addition to confidential information signals) that play a dual role of artificial noise (AN) for confusing the eavesdropping targets. Under this setup, we jointly optimize the transmit information and sensing beamforming at the BS, to minimize the matching error between the transmit beampattern and a desired beampattern for sensing, subject to the minimum secrecy rate requirement at the CU and the transmit power constraint at the BS. Although the formulated problem is non-convex, we propose an algorithm to obtain the globally optimal solution by using the semidefinite relaxation (SDR) together with a one-dimensional (1D) search. Next, to avoid the high complexity induced by the 1D search, we also present two sub-optimal solutions based on zero-forcing and separate beamforming designs, respectively. Numerical results show that the proposed designs properly adjust the information and sensing beams to balance the tradeoffs among communicating with CU, sensing targets, and confusing eavesdroppers, thus achieving desirable transmit beampattern for sensing while ensuring the CU's secrecy rate.


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