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Optimal Sensor Placement and Enhanced Sparsity for Classification

by   B. W. Brunton, et al.
University of Washington

The goal of compressive sensing is efficient reconstruction of data from few measurements, sometimes leading to a categorical decision. If only classification is required, reconstruction can be circumvented and the measurements needed are orders-of-magnitude sparser still. We define enhanced sparsity as the reduction in number of measurements required for classification over reconstruction. In this work, we exploit enhanced sparsity and learn spatial sensor locations that optimally inform a categorical decision. The algorithm solves an l1-minimization to find the fewest entries of the full measurement vector that exactly reconstruct the discriminant vector in feature space. Once the sensor locations have been identified from the training data, subsequent test samples are classified with remarkable efficiency, achieving performance comparable to that obtained by discrimination using the full image. Sensor locations may be learned from full images, or from a random subsample of pixels. For classification between more than two categories, we introduce a coupling parameter whose value tunes the number of sensors selected, trading accuracy for economy. We demonstrate the algorithm on example datasets from image recognition using PCA for feature extraction and LDA for discrimination; however, the method can be broadly applied to non-image data and adapted to work with other methods for feature extraction and discrimination.


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