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Optimal DG allocation and sizing in power system networks using swarm-based algorithms

by   Kayode Adetunji, et al.
University of the Witwatersrand

Distributed generation (DG) units are power generating plants that are very important to the architecture of present power system networks. The benefit of the addition of these DG units is to increase the power supply to a network. However, the installation of these DG units can cause an adverse effect if not properly allocated and/or sized. Therefore, there is a need to optimally allocate and size them to avoid cases such as voltage instability and expensive investment costs. In this paper, two swarm-based meta-heuristic algorithms, particle swarm optimization (PSO) and whale optimization algorithm (WOA) were developed to solve optimal placement and sizing of DG units in the quest for transmission network planning. A supportive technique, loss sensitivity factors (LSF) was used to identify potential buses for optimal location of DG units. The feasibility of the algorithms was confirmed on two IEEE bus test systems (14- and 30-bus). Comparison results showed that both algorithms produce good solutions and they outperform each other in different metrics. The WOA real power loss reduction considering techno-economic factors in the IEEE 14-bus and 30-bus test system are 6.14 MW and 10.77 MW, compared to the PSOs' 6.47 MW and 11.73 MW respectively. The PSO has a more reduced total DG unit size in both bus systems with 133.45 MW and 82.44 MW compared to WOAs' 152.21 MW and 82.44 MW respectively. The paper unveils the strengths and weaknesses of the PSO and the WOA in the application of optimal sizing of DG units in transmission networks.


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