Optical flow-based vascular respiratory motion compensation

by   Keke Yang, et al.
University of Michigan

This paper develops a new vascular respiratory motion compensation algorithm, Motion-Related Compensation (MRC), to conduct vascular respiratory motion compensation by extrapolating the correlation between invisible vascular and visible non-vascular. Robot-assisted vascular intervention can significantly reduce the radiation exposure of surgeons. In robot-assisted image-guided intervention, blood vessels are constantly moving/deforming due to respiration, and they are invisible in the X-ray images unless contrast agents are injected. The vascular respiratory motion compensation technique predicts 2D vascular roadmaps in live X-ray images. When blood vessels are visible after contrast agents injection, vascular respiratory motion compensation is conducted based on the sparse Lucas-Kanade feature tracker. An MRC model is trained to learn the correlation between vascular and non-vascular motions. During the intervention, the invisible blood vessels are predicted with visible tissues and the trained MRC model. Moreover, a Gaussian-based outlier filter is adopted for refinement. Experiments on in-vivo data sets show that the proposed method can yield vascular respiratory motion compensation in 0.032 sec, with an average error 1.086 mm. Our real-time and accurate vascular respiratory motion compensation approach contributes to modern vascular intervention and surgical robots.


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