OODT: Obstacle Aware Opportunistic Data Transmission for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks

03/26/2020 ∙ by Xiaoxiong Zhong, et al. ∙ 0

In recent years, a large number of smart devices will be connected in Internet of Things (IoT) using an ad hoc network, which needs more frequency spectra. The cognitive radio (CR) technology can improve spectrum utilization in an opportunistic communication manner for IoT, forming a promising paradigm known as cognitive radio ad hoc networks,CRAHNs. However, dynamic spectrum availability and mobile devices/persons make it difficult to develop an efficient data transmission scheme for CRAHNs under an obstacle environment. Opportunistic routing can leverage the broadcast nature of wireless channels to enhance network performance. Inspired by this, in this paper, we propose an Obstacle aware Opportunistic Data Transmission scheme (OODT) in CRAHNs from a computational geometry perspective, considering energy efficiency and social features. In the proposed scheme, we exploit a new routing metric, which is based on an obstacle avoiding algorithm using a polygon boundary 1-searcher technology, and an auction model for selecting forwarding candidates. In addition, we prove that the candidate selection problem is NP-hard and propose a heuristic algorithm for candidate selection. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme can achieve better performance than existing schemes.



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