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OntoWind: An Improved and Extended Wind Energy Ontology

by   Dilek Küçük, et al.

Ontologies are critical sources of semantic information for many application domains. Hence, there are ontologies proposed and utilized for domains such as medicine, chemical engineering, and electrical energy. In this paper, we present an improved and extended version of a wind energy ontology previously proposed. First, the ontology is restructured to increase its understandability and coverage. Secondly, it is enriched with new concepts, crisp/fuzzy attributes, and instances to increase its usability in semantic applications regarding wind energy. The ultimate ontology is utilized within a Web-based semantic portal application for wind energy, in order to showcase its contribution in a genuine application. Hence, the current study is a significant to wind and thereby renewable energy informatics, with the presented publicly-available wind energy ontology and the implemented proof-of-concept system.


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