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Online Soft Conformance Checking: Any Perspective Can Indicate Deviations

by   Andrea Burattin, et al.

Within process mining, a relevant activity is conformance checking. Such activity consists of establishing the extent to which actual executions of a process conform the expected behavior of a reference model. Current techniques focus on prescriptive models of the control-flow as references. In certain scenarios, however, a prescriptive model might not be available and, additionally, the control-flow perspective might not be ideal for this purpose. This paper tackles these two problems by suggesting a conformance approach that uses a descriptive model (i.e., a pattern of the observed behavior over a certain amount of time) which is not necessarily referring to the control-flow (e.g., it can be based on the social network of handover of work). Additionally, the entire approach can work both offline and online, thus providing feedback in real time. The approach, which is implemented in ProM, has been tested and results from 3 experiments with real world as well as synthetic data are reported.


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