Online Estimation of Resource Overload Risk in 5G Multi-Tenancy Network

by   Yasameen Shihab Hamad, et al.

The technology of network slicing, as the most characteristic feature of the fifth generation (5G) wireless networks, manages the resources and network functions in heterogeneous and logically isolated slices on the top of a shared physical infrastructure, where every slice can be independently customized to fulfill the specific requirements of its devoted service type. It enables a new paradigm of multi-tenancy networking, where the network slices can be leased by the mobile network operator (MNO) to tenants in form of public cloud computing service, known as Slice-asa- Service (SlaaS). Similar to classical cloud computing scenarios, SlaaS benefits from overbooking its resources to numerous tenants, taking advantage of the resource elasticity and diversity, at a price of risking overloading network resources and violating the service-level agreements (SLAs), which stipulate the quality of service (QoS) that shall be guaranteed to the network slices. Thus, it becomes a critical challenge to the MNOs, accurately estimating the resource overload risk - especially under the sophisticated network dynamics - for monitoring and enhancing the reliability of SlaaS business.


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