Online Admission Control and Resource Allocation in Network Slicing under Demand Uncertainties

by   Sajjad Gholamipour, et al.

One of the most important aspects of moving forward to the next generation networks like 5G/6G, is to enable network slicing in an efficient manner. The most challenging issues are the uncertainties in consumption and communication demand. Because the slices' arrive to the network in different times and their lifespans vary, the solution should dynamically react to online slice requests. The joint problem of online admission control and resource allocation considering the energy consumption is formulated mathematically. It is based on Integer Linear Programming (ILP), where, the Γ- Robustness concept is exploited to overcome Virtual Links (VL) bandwidths' and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) workloads' uncertainties. Then, an optimal algorithm that adopts this mathematical model is proposed. To overcome the high computational complexity of ILP which is NP-hard, a new heuristic algorithm is developed. The assessments' results indicate that the efficiency of heuristic is vital in increasing the accepted requests' count, decreasing power consumption and providing adjustable tolerance vs. the VNFs workloads' and VLs traffics' uncertainties, separately. Considering the acceptance ratio and power consumption that constitute the two important components of the objective function, heuristic has about 7 being about 30X faster than that of optimal algorithm.



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