One Size Fits Many: Column Bundle for Multi-X Learning

02/22/2017 ∙ by Trang Pham, et al. ∙ 0

Much recent machine learning research has been directed towards leveraging shared statistics among labels, instances and data views, commonly referred to as multi-label, multi-instance and multi-view learning. The underlying premises are that there exist correlations among input parts and among output targets, and the predictive performance would increase when the correlations are incorporated. In this paper, we propose Column Bundle (CLB), a novel deep neural network for capturing the shared statistics in data. CLB is generic that the same architecture can be applied for various types of shared statistics by changing only input and output handling. CLB is capable of scaling to thousands of input parts and output labels by avoiding explicit modeling of pairwise relations. We evaluate CLB on different types of data: (a) multi-label, (b) multi-view, (c) multi-view/multi-label and (d) multi-instance. CLB demonstrates a comparable and competitive performance in all datasets against state-of-the-art methods designed specifically for each type.



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