ONE PIECE: One Patchwork In Effectively Combined Extraction for grasp

by   Xiao Hu, et al.

For grasp network algorithms, generating grasp datasets for a large number of 3D objects is a crucial task. However, generating grasp datasets for hundreds of objects can be very slow and consume a lot of storage resources, which hinders algorithm iteration and promotion. For point cloud grasp network algorithms, the network input is essentially the internal point cloud of the grasp area that intersects with the object in the gripper coordinate system. Due to the existence of a large number of completely consistent gripper area point clouds based on the gripper coordinate system in the grasp dataset generated for hundreds of objects, it is possible to remove the consistent gripper area point clouds from many objects and assemble them into a single object to generate the grasp dataset, thus replacing the enormous workload of generating grasp datasets for hundreds of objects. We propose a new approach to map the repetitive features of a large number of objects onto a finite set.To this end, we propose a method for extracting the gripper area point cloud that intersects with the object from the simulator and design a gripper feature filter to remove the shape-repeated gripper space area point clouds, and then assemble them into a single object. The experimental results show that the time required to generate the new object grasp dataset is greatly reduced compared to generating the grasp dataset for hundreds of objects, and it performs well in real machine grasping experiments. We will release the data and tools after the paper is accepted.


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