One-class Damage Detector Using Fully-Convolutional Data Description for Prognostics

by   Takato Yasuno, et al.

It is important for infrastructure managers to maintain a high standard to ensure user satisfaction during a lifecycle of infrastructures. Surveillance cameras and visual inspections have enabled progress toward automating the detection of anomalous features and assessing the occurrence of the deterioration. Frequently, collecting damage data constraints time consuming and repeated inspections. One-class damage detection approach has a merit that only the normal images enables us to optimize the parameters. Simultaneously, the visual explanation using the heat map enable us to understand the localized anomalous feature. We propose a civil-purpose application to automate one-class damage detection using the fully-convolutional data description (FCDD). We also visualize the explanation of the damage feature using the up-sampling-based activation map with the Gaussian up-sampling from the receptive field of the fully convolutional network (FCN). We demonstrate it in experimental studies: concrete damage and steel corrosion and mention its usefulness and future works.


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