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On variance estimation for the one-sample log-rank test

by   Moritz Fabian Danzer, et al.

Time-to-event endpoints show an increasing popularity in phase II cancer trials. The standard statistical tool for such endpoints in one-armed trials is the one-sample log-rank test. It is widely known, that the asymptotic providing the correctness of this test does not come into effect to full extent for small sample sizes. There have already been some attempts to solve this problem. While some do not allow easy power and sample size calculations, others lack a clear theoretical motivation and require further considerations. The problem itself can partly be attributed to the dependence of the compensated counting process and its variance estimator. We provide a framework in which the variance estimator can be flexibly adopted to the present situation while maintaining its asymptotical properties. We exemplarily suggest a variance estimator which is uncorrelated to the compensated counting process. Furthermore, we provide sample size and power calculations for any approach fitting into our framework. Finally, we compare several methods via simulation studies and the hypothetical setup of a Phase II trial based on real world data.


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