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On the Wasserstein Distance between Classical Sequences and the Lebesgue Measure

by   Louis Brown, et al.
Yale University

We discuss the classical problem of measuring the regularity of distribution of sets of N points in T^d. A recent line of investigation is to study the cost (= mass × distance) necessary to move Dirac measures placed in these points to the uniform distribution. We show that Kronecker sequences satisfy optimal transport distance in d ≥ 3 dimensions. This shows that for differentiable f: T^d →R and badly approximable vectors α∈R^d, we have | ∫_T^d f(x) dx - 1/N∑_k=1^N f(k α) | ≤ c_α∇ f^(d-1)/d_L^∞∇ f^1/d_L^2/N^1/d. We note that the result is uniformly true for a sequence instead of a set. Simultaneously, it refines the classical integration error for Lipschitz functions, ∇ f_L^∞ N^-1/d. We obtain a similar improvement for numerical integration with respect to the regular grid. The main ingredient is an estimate involving Fourier coefficients of a measure; this allows for existing estimates to be conviently `recycled'. We present several open problems.


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