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On the separation of shape and temporal patterns in time series – Application to signature authentication

by   Pierre-François Marteau, et al.

In this article we address the problem of separation of shape and time components in time series. The concept of shape that we tackle is termed temporally "neutral" to consider that it may possibly exist outside of any temporal specification, as it is the case for a geometric form. We propose to exploit and adapt a probabilistic temporal alignment algorithm, initially designed to estimate the centroid of a set of time series, to build some heuristic elements of solution to this separation problem. We show on some controlled synthetic data that this algorithm meets empirically our initial objectives. We finally evaluate it on real data, in the context of some on-line handwritten signature authentication benchmarks. On the three evaluated tasks, our approach based on the separation of signature shape and associated temporal patterns is positioned slightly above the current state of the art demonstrating the application benefit of this separating problem.


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