On the Separability Problem of String Constraints

by   Parosh Aziz Abdulla, et al.

We address the separability problem for straight-line string constraints. The separability problem for languages of a class C by a class S asks: given two languages A and B in C, does there exist a language I in S separating A and B (i.e., I is a superset of A and disjoint from B)? The separability of string constraints is the same as the fundamental problem of interpolation for string constraints. We first show that regular separability of straight line string constraints is undecidable. Our second result is the decidability of the separability problem for straight-line string constraints by piece-wise testable languages, though the precise complexity is open. In our third result, we consider the positive fragment of piece-wise testable languages as a separator, and obtain an EXPSPACE algorithm for the separability of a useful class of straight-line string constraints, and a PSPACE-hardness result.



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