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On the Robustness of Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Against Data Poisoning

by   Marco Anisetti, et al.

Machine learning is becoming ubiquitous. From financial to medicine, machine learning models are boosting decision-making processes and even outperforming humans in some tasks. This huge progress in terms of prediction quality does not however find a counterpart in the security of such models and corresponding predictions, where perturbations of fractions of the training set (poisoning) can seriously undermine the model accuracy. Research on poisoning attacks and defenses even predates the introduction of deep neural networks, leading to several promising solutions. Among them, ensemble-based defenses, where different models are trained on portions of the training set and their predictions are then aggregated, are getting significant attention, due to their relative simplicity and theoretical and practical guarantees. The work in this paper designs and implements a hash-based ensemble approach for ML robustness and evaluates its applicability and performance on random forests, a machine learning model proved to be more resistant to poisoning attempts on tabular datasets. An extensive experimental evaluation is carried out to evaluate the robustness of our approach against a variety of attacks, and compare it with a traditional monolithic model based on random forests.


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