On the Inverse of Forward Adjacency Matrix

11/25/2017 ∙ by Pritam Mukherjee, et al. ∙ 0

During routine state space circuit analysis of an arbitrarily connected set of nodes representing a lossless LC network, a matrix was formed that was observed to implicitly capture connectivity of the nodes in a graph similar to the conventional adjacency matrix, but in a slightly different manner. This matrix has only 0, 1 or -1 as its elements. A sense of direction (of the graph formed by the nodes) is inherently encoded in the matrix because of the presence of -1. Calling this matrix as forward adjacency matrix, it was found that its inverse also displays useful and interesting physical properties when a specific style of node-indexing is adopted for the nodes in the graph. The graph considered is connected but does not have any closed loop/cycle (corresponding to closed loop of inductors in a circuit) as with its presence the matrix is not invertible. Incidentally, by definition the graph being considered is a tree. The properties of the forward adjacency matrix and its inverse, along with rigorous proof, are presented.



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