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On the Impact of Perceived Vulnerability in the Adoption of Information Systems Security Innovations

by   Mumtaz Abdul Hameed, et al.

A number of determinants predict the adoption of Information Systems (IS) security innovations. Amongst, perceived vulnerability of IS security threats has been examined in a number of past explorations. In this research, we examined the processes pursued in analysing the relationship between perceived vulnerability of IS security threats and the adoption of IS security innovations. The study uses Systematic Literature Review (SLR) method to evaluate the practice involved in examining perceived vulnerability on IS security innovation adoption. The SLR findings revealed the appropriateness of the existing empirical investigations of the relationship between perceived vulnerability of IS security threats on IS security innovation adoption. Furthermore, the SLR results confirmed that individuals who perceives vulnerable to an IS security threat are more likely to engage in the adoption an IS security innovation. In addition, the study validates the past studies on the relationship between perceived vulnerability and IS security innovation adoption.


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