On the Generalization of Neural Combinatorial Optimization Heuristics

by   Sahil Manchanda, et al.

Neural Combinatorial Optimization approaches have recently leveraged the expressiveness and flexibility of deep neural networks to learn efficient heuristics for hard Combinatorial Optimization (CO) problems. However, most of the current methods lack generalization: for a given CO problem, heuristics which are trained on instances with certain characteristics underperform when tested on instances with different characteristics. While some previous works have focused on varying the training instances properties, we postulate that a one-size-fit-all model is out of reach. Instead, we formalize solving a CO problem over a given instance distribution as a separate learning task and investigate meta-learning techniques to learn a model on a variety of tasks, in order to optimize its capacity to adapt to new tasks. Through extensive experiments, on two CO problems, using both synthetic and realistic instances, we show that our proposed meta-learning approach significantly improves the generalization of two state-of-the-art models.


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