On-the-fly Reduced Order Modeling of Passive and Reactive Species via Time-Dependent Manifolds

by   Donya Ramezanian, et al.

One of the principal barriers in developing accurate and tractable predictive models in turbulent flows with a large number of species is to track every species by solving a separate transport equation, which can be computationally impracticable. In this paper, we present an on-the-fly reduced order modeling of reactive as well as passive transport equations to reduce the computational cost. The presented approach seeks a low-rank decomposition of the species to three time-dependent components: (i) a set of orthonormal spatial modes, (ii) a low-rank factorization of the instantaneous species correlation matrix, and (iii) a set of orthonormal species modes, which represent a low-dimensional time-dependent manifold. Our approach bypasses the need to solve the full-dimensional species to generate high-fidelity data - as it is commonly performed in data-driven dimension reduction techniques such as the principle component analysis. Instead, the low-rank components are directly extracted from the species transport equation. The evolution equations for the three components are obtained from optimality conditions of a variational principle. The time-dependence of the three components enables an on-the-fly adaptation of the low-rank decomposition to transient changes in the species. Several demonstration cases of reduced order modeling of passive and reactive transport equations are presented.



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