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On the Fair Termination of Client-Server Sessions

by   Luca Padovani, et al.

Client-server sessions are based on a variation of the traditional interpretation of linear logic propositions as session types in which non-linear channels (those regulating the interaction between a pool of clients and a single server) are typed by coexponentials instead of the usual exponentials. Coexponentials enable the modeling of racing interactions, whereby clients compete to interact with a single server whose internal state (and thus the offered service) may change as the server processes requests sequentially. In this work we present a fair termination result for CSLL^∞, a core calculus of client-server sessions. We design a type system such that every well-typed term corresponds to a valid derivation in μMALL^∞, the infinitary proof theory of linear logic with least and greatest fixed points. We then establish a correspondence between reductions in the calculus and principal reductions in μMALL^∞. Fair termination in CSLL^∞ follows from cut elimination in μMALL^∞.


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