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On the Effect of Initialization: The Scaling Path of 2-Layer Neural Networks

by   Sebastian Neumayer, et al.

In supervised learning, the regularization path is sometimes used as a convenient theoretical proxy for the optimization path of gradient descent initialized with zero. In this paper, we study a modification of the regularization path for infinite-width 2-layer ReLU neural networks with non-zero initial distribution of the weights at different scales. By exploiting a link with unbalanced optimal transport theory, we show that, despite the non-convexity of the 2-layer network training, this problem admits an infinite dimensional convex counterpart. We formulate the corresponding functional optimization problem and investigate its main properties. In particular, we show that as the scale of the initialization ranges between 0 and +∞, the associated path interpolates continuously between the so-called kernel and rich regimes. The numerical experiments confirm that, in our setting, the scaling path and the final states of the optimization path behave similarly even beyond these extreme points.


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