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On the discretization of Laplace's equation with Neumann boundary conditions on polygonal domains

by   Jeremy Hoskins, et al.
Simons Foundation
Yale University

In the present paper we describe a class of algorithms for the solution of Laplace's equation on polygonal domains with Neumann boundary conditions. It is well known that in such cases the solutions have singularities near the corners which poses a challenge for many existing methods. If the boundary data is smooth on each edge of the polygon, then in the vicinity of each corner the solution to the corresponding boundary integral equation has an expansion in terms of certain (analytically available) singular powers. Using the known behavior of the solution, universal discretizations have been constructed for the solution of the Dirichlet problem. However, the leading order behavior of solutions to the Neumann problem is O(t^μ) for μ∈ (-1/2,0) depending on the angle at the corner (compared to O(C+t^μ) with μ>1/2 for the Dirichlet problem); this presents a significant challenge in the design of universal discretizations. Our approach is based on using the discretization for the Dirichlet problem in order to compute a solution in the "weak sense" by solving an adjoint linear system; namely, it can be used to compute inner products with smooth functions accurately, but it cannot be interpolated. Furthermore we present a procedure to obtain accurate solutions arbitrarily close to the corner, by solving a sequence of small local subproblems in the vicinity of that corner. The results are illustrated with several numerical examples.


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