On the Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology: A Scoping Review and Future Research Agenda

by   Konstantin D. Pandl, et al.

Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) currently lead lively debates in academia and practice. AI processes data to perform tasks that were previously thought possible only for humans to perform. DLT acts in uncertain environments to create consensus over data among a group of participants. In recent articles, both technologies complement each other. Examples include the design of secure distributed ledgers or the creation of allied learning systems distributed across multiple nodes. This can lead to technological convergence, which in the past, has paved the way for major IT product innovations. Previous work highlights several potential benefits of the convergence of AI and DLT but only provides a limited theoretical framework to describe upcoming real-world integration cases of both technologies. We aim to contribute by conducting a systematic literature review on the previous work and by providing rigorously derived future research opportunities. Our analysis identifies how AI and DLT exchange data, and how to use these integration principles to build new systems. Based on that, we present open questions for future research. This work helps researchers active in AI or DLT to overcome current limitations in their field, and engineers to develop systems along with the convergence of these technologies.



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