On the asymptotics of Maronna's robust PCA

by   Gordana Draskovic, et al.

The eigenvalue decomposition (EVD) parameters of the second order statistics are ubiquitous in statistical analysis and signal processing. Notably, the EVD of robust scatter M-estimators is a popular choice to perform robust probabilistic PCA or other dimension reduction related applications. Towards the goal of characterizing the behavior of these quantities, this paper proposes new asymptotics for the EVD parameters (i.e. eigenvalues, eigenvectors and principal subspace) of the scatter M-estimator in the context of complex elliptically symmetric distributions. First, their Gaussian asymptotic distribution is obtained by extending standard results on the sample covariance matrix in a Gaussian context. Second, their convergence rate towards the EVD parameters of a Gaussian-Core Wishart Equivalent is derived. This second result represents the main contribution in the sense that it quantifies when it is acceptable to directly plug-in well-established results on the EVD of Wishart-distributed matrix for characterizing the EVD of M-estimators. Eventually, some examples (low-rank adaptive filtering and Intrinsic bias analysis) are provided to illustrate where the obtained results can be leveraged.



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