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On Symbolic Approaches for Computing the Matrix Permanent

by   Supratik Chakraborty, et al.

Counting the number of perfect matchings in bipartite graphs, or equivalently computing the permanent of 0-1 matrices, is an important combinatorial problem that has been extensively studied by theoreticians and practitioners alike. The permanent is #P-Complete; hence it is unlikely that a polynomial-time algorithm exists for the problem. Researchers have therefore focused on finding tractable subclasses of matrices for permanent computation. One such subclass that has received much attention is that of sparse matrices i.e. matrices with few entries set to 1, the rest being 0. For this subclass, improved theoretical upper bounds and practically efficient algorithms have been developed. In this paper, we ask whether it is possible to go beyond sparse matrices in our quest for developing scalable techniques for the permanent, and answer this question affirmatively. Our key insight is to represent permanent computation symbolically using Algebraic Decision Diagrams (ADDs). ADD-based techniques naturally use dynamic programming, and hence avoid redundant computation through memoization. This permits exploiting the hidden structure in a large class of matrices that have so far remained beyond the reach of permanent computation techniques. The availability of sophisticated libraries implementing ADDs also makes the task of engineering practical solutions relatively straightforward. While a complete characterization of matrices admitting a compact ADD representation remains open, we provide strong experimental evidence of the effectiveness of our approach for computing the permanent, not just for sparse matrices, but also for dense matrices and for matrices with "similar" rows.


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