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On Success runs of a fixed length defined on a q-sequence of binary trials

by   Jungtaek Oh, et al.

We study the exact distributions of runs of a fixed length in variation which considers binary trials for which the probability of ones is geometrically varying. The random variable E_n,k denote the number of success runs of a fixed length k, 1≤ k ≤ n. Theorem 3.1 gives an closed expression for the probability mass function (PMF) of the Type4 q-binomial distribution of order k. Theorem 3.2 and Corollary 3.1 gives an recursive expression for the probability mass function (PMF) of the Type4 q-binomial distribution of order k. The probability generating function and moments of random variable E_n,k are obtained as a recursive expression. We address the parameter estimation in the distribution of E_n,k by numerical techniques. In the present work, we consider a sequence of independent binary zero and one trials with not necessarily identical distribution with the probability of ones varying according to a geometric rule. Exact and recursive formulae for the distribution obtained by means of enumerative combinatorics.


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