On Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Weighted ANOVA Spaces

by   Peter Kritzer, et al.

In the present paper we study quasi-Monte Carlo rules for approximating integrals over the d-dimensional unit cube for functions from weighted Sobolev spaces of regularity one. While the properties of these rules are well understood for anchored Sobolev spaces, this is not the case for the ANOVA spaces, which are another very important type of reference spaces for quasi-Monte Carlo rules. Using a direct approach we provide a formula for the worst case error of quasi-Monte Carlo rules for functions from weighted ANOVA spaces. As a consequence we bound the worst case error from above in terms of weighted discrepancy of the employed integration nodes. On the other hand we also obtain a general lower bound in terms of the number n of used integration nodes. For the one-dimensional case our results lead to the optimal integration rule and also in the two-dimensional case we provide rules yielding optimal convergence rates.



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