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On PQC Migration and Crypto-Agility

by   Alexander Wiesmaier, et al.

Besides the development of PQC algorithms, the actual migration of IT systems to such new schemes has to be considered, best by utilizing or establishing crypto-agility. Much work in this respect is currently conducted all over the world, making it hard to keep track of the many individual challenges and respective solutions that have been identified. In consequence, it is difficult to judge for both individual application scenarios and on a global scale, whether all (known) challenges have been addressed respectively or what their current state is. We provide a literature survey and a snapshot of the discovered challenges and solutions categorized in different areas. We use this as starting point for a community project to keep track of the ongoing efforts and the state of the art in this field. Thereby we offer a single entry-point into the subject reflecting the current state in a timely manner.


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