On Pole-Zero Assignment of Vibratory Systems by Multi-Input Feedback Control

by   Zheng-Jian Bai, et al.

In this paper, we consider the pole-zero assignment problem for vibratory systems via multi-input feedback control. We propose a multi-step two-stage approach for solving the multi-input pole-zero assignment problem. We first reformulate the assignment problem as a multi-step single-input pole-zero assignment problem. Then, in each step, we propose a two-stage approach for solving the single-input pole-zero assignment problem. In the first stage, based on the measured receptances, we replace the selected zeros of the prescribed open-loop point receptance to the desired locations, where we need to solve a small underdetermined linear equation for finding the corresponding columns of the feedback matrices. In the second stage, by using linear matrix inequalities, the complete closed-loop poles are assigned to the prescribed subregion of the complex left-hand plane. Finally, we give some numerical examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.


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